La carte


Foie gras* : Half cooked «à la fine de Bretagne » with a strawberry chutney 14€
Eggs : « Cocotte » egg with lobster coulis and crumbs 13€
Mackerel : In marinated fillet on a parmesan cookie and aubergine dip with cracky vegetables 13€

Main courses


Dory : Filet on a slice of fenel with tomato and parmesan 20€
Lobster : Roasted with butter on an aubergine bruschetta with a chorizo piperad 29€
Scampies : In ravioli, on an artichoke pulp 20€


Beef* : En filet, poêlé au beurre de condiment, pommes de terre fondantes et sa concassée de tomate 25€
Pigeon* : In crusty pastry stuffed with apple chutney and red onions and cabbage olive 19€
Lamb* : In noisette with a breadcrumbs parsley and sun vegetables tian 20€
*meats origine France


Trio of refined cheeses by Jean-Yves Bordier   13€


Apple : Cooked in oven, toffy crumble on a cookie and local beer juice 10€
Raspberry : Mousse with a pistachio cake and a sesame crumble and candied beetroot juice 11€
Chocolate : Ganache with Sichuan pepper and its avocado mousse 11€